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Feb 2, 2013 5:30am EST
. >>> in the old days, sports in new york city used to be of the classic variety. but times have changed. this is brooklyn boulders, 20,000 square feet of rock climbing in the heart of the borough. >> it was great that this opened because it was the only place in brooklyn and one of the few places. >> the work is three business partners. going into business with your close friend bs may sound risky, but these guys have figured out,000 make it work. >> this is the promotion we ran. >> they found that a clear division of responsibilities has helped them tackle the challenges of managing a startup and avoiding the dramdrama. >> whenever it gets fiery, we always say, friends first, friends first, friends first. >> they wrote a business plan for it while studied entrepreneur ship at babson college. they went their separate ways but realized the idea. >> we realized we had the abilities so we thought, why not go for it. >> jeremy who works for finance in boston came up with the projections for models and he and the others pitched the idea to their family and they brought on a third friend to r
Feb 10, 2013 4:30am PST
. this is too hard to do otherwise. >> you guys stick around. we need you a lot mr in the show. >>> we use our smartphones for a lot of our small business needs but is your information safe? here now are five ways to protect yourself from cyber attacks courtesy of small biz one, set a password. this will make your data more difficult to access if your phone is ever lost or stolen. two, check your phone bill. be on the lookout for unusual behavior. this could include suspicious charges to the phone bill or suddenly decreased battery life. number three, download from trusted sources. make sure the app is coming from a legitimate provider and compare the app sponsor's official website with the app store link. four, understand permissions before accepting them. be careful about granting access to personal information on your phone. make sure to also check the privacy settings for each app before installing it. and number five, wipe data on your old phone before you donate, resell or recycle it. erase any information and reset your phone to its initial factory settings. >>> on april 5th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)